Exclusive Faculty Development Program in Cyber Security


Securematrix provides partnership opportunities with academic Institutions for delivering Faculty Development Program in Cyber Security for in house and external faculties from other institutions. Post program completion, the faculties will be trained to teach students on the various cyber security subjects.


Total duration of the Faculty Development Program will be 9 weeks.

Program Delivery

The program will be delivered in three stages

  • Stage 1 - Pre-requisites and training material will be provided at the start of the program.
  • Stage 2 - After two weeks of program commencement, contact classes for 4 days will be conducted at the institute’s campus. A written test will be conducted on the 4th day to evaluate understanding of concepts of classroom sessions.
  • Stage 3 – Participating faculties will be given specifications of a project of approximate 80-100 hours duration as assignment and which will be evaluated after six weeks. Project assistance will be provided for the assignment over email and discussion forums.

Contact class batch size would be restricted to 20.

Evaluation and Certification

Faculty will be evaluated based on understanding of concepts, technical completion of project and understanding on evaluation methodology for the specific cyber security subject. The evaluation would include ratings based on completion of project and successful demonstration of using industry standard tools and technique of evaluation.

Support Required from Academic Institution
  • Cyber Security Lab during 4 days contact class
  • Classroom for 4 days contact program