Placement Oriented Cyber Security Education Program


Securematrix provides placement oriented cyber security training at engineering institutions for students interested in building a career in Cyber Security. The trainings are focussed on security subjects that are immediate and future requirements of the industry and government sector. The program involves training and evaluation of students in the chosen Cyber Security subjects from one or more of the following courses


Training provided by Securematrix will be spread across a one - three month duration and will require at least 100-400 hours of programming/practical efforts by each student to complete the assigned project.

A two weeks refresher course on the following subjects shall be available for students in the form of online trainings, so as to ensure student readiness on the basics of programming skills before onboarding onto the training program.

  • Java
  • Dot Net/C#
  • Python
  • Database [SQL/Oracle/MySQL] Any one
  • OS internals
  • x86 architecture / assembly language
Program Delivery

The overall program delivery will follow a three stage process:

Stage 1. Onsite and Online training on specific security technology subjects i.e. Total 60 hours of focused trainings on area of expertise selected.

Stage 2. Live projects from the industry and government organization for a total duration 100-400 hours.

Stage 3. Assessment of students on core concepts, technical skills, soft skills and project evaluation.

Evaluation and Certification

At the end of live project completion, Securematrix consultant will evaluate the project as per industry standard guideline & practices and shall award successful completion certificate or participation certificate based on the performance in the project.


Securematrix will offer placement assistance to students who successfully complete the course and the assigned project.

Assistance Required from Academic Institution
  • Training batch size of min 60 students per stream/subject
  • Availability of one faculty for each group to work along with Securematrix team
  • Classroom and Lab Infrastructure with 30 – 60 desktop machines with 4 GB of RAM and a Server
  • Seamless internet connectivity