Python for Security

Python is the most powerful programming language used by security researchers for carrying out various aspects of penetration testing, malware analysis, network programming and attack automation. This course will enable students to become penetration testers and hackers.

Pre-requisites: Knowledge of programming, fundamental of OS

Below is the detailed courseware syllabus

1.Introduction to Python Python philosophy, Python features, Use of python, Basics- Code structure, Data types, Sequence Types,Mutability, Modules, Classes & Objects, Exception handling and Lab Exercise
2.System Programming and SecurityI/O in Python, File and Directory Access, Multithreading and Concurrency, Inter Process Communication (IPC) and Lab Exercises
3.Network Security Programming – Sniffers and Packet InjectorsRaw Socket basics, Socket Libraries and Functionality, Programming Servers and Clients, Programming arbitrary packet injectors, PCAP file parsing and analysis (Using SCAPY) and Lab Exercises
4. Web Application SecurityWeb Servers and Client scripting, Web Application Fuzzers, Scraping Web Applications – HTML and XML file analysis, Web Browser Emulation and Lab Exercises
5. Security tools written in PythonNetwork Tools, Debugging & reverse engineering tools, Fuzzing tools, Web tools, Forensics tools, Malware analysis tools and Lab Exercise
6.Live Project