Defensive Mobile Application Development

This course has been designed for equipping web application developer to understand different threat surface area a web application faces. It equips professional to identify and mitigate different type of vulnerability left at the time of web application development.

Prerequisites: Knowledge of modern web application development.

Below is the detailed courseware syllabus

1 . Introduction Introduction to Mobile Computing, Android Development Environment
2 . Factors in Developing Mobile Applications Mobile Software Engineering, Frameworks and Tools, Generic UI Development , Android User, More on UIs
3 . VUIs and Mobile Apps Text-to-Speech Techniques, Designing the Right UI, Multichannel and Multimodial UIs
4 . Intents and Services Android Intents and Services, Characteristics of Mobile Applications, Successful Mobile Development
5 . Storing and Retrieving Data Synchronization and Replication of Mobile Data, Getting the Model Right , Android Storing and Retrieving Data and Working with a Content Provider
6 . Communications Via Network and the Web State Machine, Correct Communications Model, Android Networking and Web
7 . Telephony Deciding Scope of an App, Wireless Connectivity and Mobile Apps, Android Telephony
8 . Notifications and Alarms Performance and Memory Management, Android Notifications and Alarms
9 . Graphics Performance and Multithreading, Graphics and UI Performance, Android Graphics
10 . Multimedia Mobile Agents and Peer-to-Peer Architecture. Android Multimedia
11 . Location Mobility and Location Based Services in Android