A key threat to national security is the growing use of Steganography by hackers, terrorist outfits, State & non-state actors to securely communicate critical information over commonly available platforms such as the internet. Based on the principle of security by obscurity, most of the firewalls & intrusion detection systems would fail to even detect messages within a carrier file and there is very little statistical information on how widespread it is. The cyber threat landscape in India has dynamically evolved over the last few years and we need trained resources that can address the growing need for Steganalysis experts for timely detection and interception of encoded messages. The Secure Matrix’s Steganography COE aims to equip the budding engineers, researchers and academicians with the required skills in the field of Steganography. This SME resource pool can be leveraged for research, capability building and setting up of specialized labs for providing training and testing platform related to:

  • 1. Steganalysis through Statistical Analysis, Structural & Carrier Comparison
  • 2. Technical and Linguistic Steganography including Semagrams and Open Code
  • 3. VOIP steganography
  • 4. DNA Based steganography
  • 5. Biometric Security using Steganography