Mobility devices have significantly altered the computing landscape and these devices are here to stay. The BYOD concept has reduced the cost of IT operations, however the mobile threats are continuously evolving and pose a huge risk to the data and information systems that can be accessed remotely. Mobile apps on smart devices can virtually perform all tasks as that of a conventional computer and hence need similar level of controls and protection. The Secure Matrix Mobile Security COE aims at empowering mobile application developers, students, academicians and researchers with the adequate knowledge on the mobility subject and provide guided support towards improvising the security control posture of the mobile computing environment. The SME platform shall also facilitate the setting up of mobility labs across engineering colleges so that individuals can hone their skills in a real time environment and through a hands-on approach on the following subjects:

  • 1. Secure Mobile Application Development & Encryption in the Mobility space
  • 2. Security frameworks in mobile platforms Android, iOS, Symbian
  • 3. Mobile Device Management & controls
  • 4. Mobile Payment Solutions
  • 5. Mobile Security Risk Assessment
  • 6. Mobile Forensics
  • 7. Mobile Malware
  • 8. Mobile based DDOS attack