With the creation of the Cyber Security Centre of Excellence, the researcher, academia and engineering student has the unique opportunity to become recognized as one of the leading contributor in the area of Cyber Security. The Secure Matrix provides a platform to unite industry, academia & student community and enable crowd sourcing of next generation research & development in the field of Cyber Security. The CSCOEs de-novo research and development network clearly demonstrate a new model of cooperation amongst students, faculties & academia of engineering college spread across length and breadth of India. This unique networking of professionals from educational institutions shall help enhance their teaching and research expertise in cyber security area and foundationally altering the educational experience of engineering graduate and post-graduate students for building capacity of Cyber security professionals for the country in order to protect National Cyber Space. Cyber Security Centre of Excellence (CSCOE) is a massive heuristic network and is essentially an extended consortium of students &faculties from hundreds of universities ready to generate ground-breaking ideas for new technologies and critical knowledge, while also relying on one another's capabilities to serve the Foundation’s key mission of Enhancing Employability & Nation’s Safety. CSCOE aims at working closely with student, academia, industry and Government & Semi-Government and ready to be first-responders to develop customer-driven research solutions to 'on the ground' challenges as well as provide essential training to the next generation of cyber security experts using “train the trainer design”. The research portfolio is a mix of basic and applied research addressing both short and long-term demand. The CSCOE is a uniquely placed network of researchers available for rapid response efforts using crowd sourcing method for research & analysis. Managed under the Secure Matrix, the CSCOE organizes leading experts, scientists, researchers and engineering student to conduct multi-disciplinary Cyber security research and education. Each Centre of Excellence is Expert led or co-led in collaboration with hundreds of partners from engineering institutions, subject matter experts from Industry, think tanks and other freelancers.