As and more we integrate with the digital world, there is a pressing need to secure electronic communication, provide assurance on authentication and identification mechanisms and secure electronic commerce while preserving the confidentiality and integrity of data. While multiple cryptographic products and technologies exist today it is important to understand the underlying principles, for ensuring readiness towards the next gen of sophisticated attacks that could target PKI, Digital Signatures, SSL certificates, Encryption Keys for gaining unlawful and unauthorised access to the Information systems. Secure Matrix aims at supporting and providing expertise on existing cryptanalysis techniques, algorithms & protocols and also foster a conducive environment and offer technical know-how towards development of new techniques through research oriented engagement. The forum shall strive to develop and enhance skills on the following domains:

  • 1. Stream & Block ciphers and pseudorandom functions
  • 2. Collision Resistance and Authenticated Encryption
  • 3. Quantum cryptography Key Exchange, Digital Signatures, Key and Trust Stores, PKI
  • 4. Computational Number Theory
  • 5. Zero knowledge protocols and proofs of knowledge