India need to possess a comprehensive counterfeit detection and screening process. Counterfeit IT detection needs industry expertise, capacity & capability building and lab setup to help keep counterfeit parts out of supply chain in the country. Global sourcing of semiconductors has made counterfeit chips a pervasive problem for the industry. Identification of counterfeit components has become a costly, but necessary step for every manufacturers & end users. Lack of people, process and technology & omnipresent usage of semiconductors & computing devices makes the situation truly grim. Secure Matrix aims at leveraging the huge network of Industry experts, academician, researchers and engineering students for facilitating research and development in Counterfeit IT and help assuage the capacity & capability building. The Foundation also aims at providing consultancy and facilitates setting up multiple laboratory in Engineering Colleges across country covering some of the capabilities listed below:

  • 1. Real Time X-Ray Analysis
  • 2. SEM - Microscopy
  • 3. Electronic Component Counterfeit Detection
  • 4. Failure Analysis
  • 5. Chemical Analysis
  • 6. Mechanical Testing
  • 7. Material Qualifications
  • 8. Process Qualifications
  • 9. Non-destructive Analysis
  • 10. Destructive Analysis
  • 11. Thermal Analysis