Cloud computing has revolutionized the current model of IT service delivery and has drastically reduced the operational and infrastructure cost and resources. The flip side however is the increased amount of risk that comes along with a cloud strategy adoption- risks related to security of data transfer, software interfaces, data at rest, user access control and data separation. As reported by Gartner, the increasing trend in most organizations across the globe to migrate to cloud based services shall in turn spell the need for cloud computing specialists who can manage the operations and security within the cloud. The Secure Matrix’s Cloud Security COE aims at creating a talent pool of Cloud Computing and Cloud Security specialists across various engineering institutions and academic fraternity. The COE forum shall assist, advise and support the training and research projects through a network of SMEs from the industry and educational institutions on the following:

  • 1. Service (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS) and Deployment (Private, Public, Hybrid) Models
  • 2. Visualizationand Hypervisor Security
  • 3. Multi-tenancy and Network Isolation
  • 4. Encryption - Data at Rest and Data in Motion
  • 5. Monitoring and Incident Response
  • 6. Self-Annihilating Data Set for managing un-authorised copying